Start a Business For Under $400 Dollars – If You Can Read Tarot Cards, You Can Make Big Bucks

If you are a person who has the ability to read tarot cards, you can make some big bucks. And you can start a business for under $400 dollars. All you need is a good location for your business. You of course want to be in a safe area with lots of outside lights. Some readers like to use their own home for the business. You want to make your business as welcoming as possible.

Naturally, when you start a business for under $400 dollars, you will want to get all the supplies you need. You already have the tarot cards, and if you are working out of your home so far you have not needed any money. You will probably want to spend most of your money on a good sign for outside, that along with any customer recommendation is really the best advertisement you could have. But do not forget to get business cards; sometimes your customers may want readings over the phone and you want them to be able to reach you easily.

When you start a business for under $400 dollars, the only other thing you need is decoration for your sitting room and for your reading room. Your room needs to be both warm and mysterious and of course, if you do not already have one, you need a crystal ball. It does not matter if you use it or not, you need the ambiance. Do not forget to purchase tapes or CD’s so that the customer will have a record of their reading, they will want to remember everything you say.

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