Social Media Ethics and Entrepreneurs

The phenomenal growth of social media during the recent days have greatly widened the possibilities of a higher reach for entrepreneurs across the globe that has helped them enhance their business prospects and take up the success rate. The new horizons opened up the opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their products throughout the world form wherever they are without much hassles with the touch of their key board. While the advantages of the social media cannot be underestimated, there are many who try to misuse and abuse it. Social media ethics is therefore a crucial necessity to ensure success and integrity in business which will help the firms retain their image over a long period of time. There are four major reasons why people connect to social media: socialising with friends and improve business; meeting new friends, entertainment and to be informed of valuable information related to every known segment of life.

Entrepreneurs need to bear a few points in mind regarding social media ethics.

1. Never post or try to promote your products in other people’s profiles without their permission. There are people who post their information even in their competitor’s walls which is rather a bad way of generating business. This tendency is most like to create annoyance in visitors and spoil your reputation.

2. Never spam people with your product promotion messages. The more people receive your messages, the more they are likely to ignore you and hate your products. Therefore, this can be done in a targeted manner.

3. Always try to present content of great value to people which will interest them to visit your site and simultaneously learn about your products.

4. Never engage in open fights and confrontations in open media. Never involve in online wars and spoil your reputation.

5. Post such contents that will prompt people to share their views to enhance their involvement.

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