Small Business Accounting Software – Make it Work For You Or Ditch It

If you are looking for small business accounting software then you are probably wondering which is the best book keeping software to buy.

But stop for a minute. Why do you really want to buy accounting software? Is it because you want to spend loads of time installing it and learning it and upgrading it and entering all your bank account statements and invoices? Do you really want to go through loads of receipts every month and chase invoices all the time.

Or do you just want to know that the records that you need are being effortlessly kept and that you have access to the only two pieces of information you really need to know that your business is stable and growing.

  • What actions to take to reduce your expenditure of time, energy and money.
  • What actions to take to increase your income.

Before making the commitment to learning all about and buying a piece of accounting software for your business its worth considering exactly how much of this important task you want to be doing yourself and how much it is worth paying someone else to do it for you.

You are going to want to think carefully about two things

  1. how comfortable you are with someone else having that kind of personal information… just how far can you trust to delegate things like paying cheques and authorising expenditure.
  2. Is it going to be cost effective?

If you like me want to be focusing on solving problems for grateful customers who come back and recommend me to their friends then you need to be able to put in place a system that takes up a minimum of your time and energy and gives you reports that cut to the chase. Whatever the system you put in place you need to be able to “Set it and Forget it”. You want to trust it is going to do its job.

Ideally you want to be able to AUTOMATE as much as possible.

DELEGATE everything that is not security critical and that is cost effective to do so.

FOCUS on the critical indicators of success that tell you what actions to take in order to



Before you buy accounting software for a small business make sure that what ever system you choose works for you – and not the other way round- First, you have to be clear about what you want!