How to Set Short Term Goals For Your Business

Setting and achieving your business objectives will be the machine difference in your success as a small business owner. While it is easy to dream big, it is very difficult to act and achieve your goals. This requires clear thinking and decisive action. Goals are dreams that requires clear objectives to achieve them.

1. Describe your business objectives clearly and concisely

It is easy to state vague objectives and in doing so, we have no real commitment to specific targets. Instead of having vague goals like “I want to sell more next year” or “I want to be more efficient with my time next year” outline what your goals are exactly.

  • Write clear objectives: I want to sell 10% more than last year. My gross sales must be equal to $525,140.00 by December 31, 2011
  • I want all my tasks for 8 hours each day, instead of working 10-12 hours per day

Once you have identified clearly and concisely what you want to achieve is much easier to take appropriate action.

2. What does it take to achieve your business objectives

A realistic look at what your company needs to achieve the goals you have described is important. You must measure accurately and honestly the resources needed to devote to the goals you’ve set out.

For example, to implement a consistent training program you would need to:

  • Scheduled time for staff training
  • Get or update the relevant training materials
  • Communicate the value of education for the rest of your team

These steps to reaching your goals will take time, money and planning. You must be clear and honest about what this means for your business. Once you’ve defined your goal clearly, take plenty time to think about what it takes to achieve the goals you have written down.

3. When does this goal need to be done

Once you have clearly defined objectives, and determined what your company needs for the realization of these objectives, you must set a clear timetable for its achievement. To achieve your goal, you have to set the timeline for the completion of each goal. Be realistic about when the target can be met, but don’t set a date so far away that the goal does not seem real. If your business goals are so big that you have planned for three years of objectives, you may want to break it down into smaller goals.

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