5 Ideas for Places to Display Your Easel-Back Buttons

Beauty is of little use unless it is appreciated. Similarly, there is no justice in being the proud owner of beautiful buttons and not being able to display them. Such display can be for promotional purposes, for memorabilia reasons or just for the sake of display itself. To draw a corollary, consider a BMW roadster – you get as much pleasure out of driving it as in showing it off!

The best way to display such buttons is to wear them (unless you are selling them). However, it’s not always an option. Also, you wouldn’t like to wear the same button day in and day out. What do you do to display one button when you are wearing another? Moreover, if you are a seller of these wonderful, yet inexpensive creations, you would want to display them in a manner that would attract attention, and hopefully, sales.

Enter the easel back. Just imagine an artist’s easel in miniature and you will realize what I am talking about. Or perhaps one of those photograph frames that hold memories of memorable incidents. Easel back buttons are a convenient, inexpensive and attractive way to display your buttons. We present a here a suggested list of 5 ideas for places to display your easel-back buttons. The first three are for personal possessions, and the next two are for promotional and selling purposes:

1. Mantelpiece – By definition, a mantelpiece is a shelf that projects from wall above the fireplace. For centuries, the mantelpiece has occupied pride of place in the display of ornamental objects. However, we do understand that not many modern homes have fireplaces and mantelpieces and so, any shelf in the drawing room would suffice.

2. Coffee table – The coffee table is the center of many a relaxing conversation. Ergo, it’s an ideal place to display your easel back buttons. Just think of all the entertaining discussions you can have with friends and family centered around the buttons and the associated places and incidents.

3. Bedstead – This location is for your eyes only, and your better-half’s. Many a fond memory can come back when you see these easel back buttons on your bedstead.

4. Shop counter – If you want your buttons to promote your business or some cause you are supporting, the shop counter near the cash register is an ideal place for display. You can hand these buttons out to interested customers who will do your promotion for you, free!

5. Display cases – This is the ideal place to display any buttons you want to sell. Not only will the glass facade allow customers to view them in detail, the protection provided it prevents any of them from toppling over. Or shoplifted.

Whatever be the reason behind your intention to display your buttons – pride, promotion or sale – you cannot go wrong with easel backs. We have listed only some of the locations; we are sure you can think of many more, for whatever purpose you desire.

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