Want to Be a Security Guard?

Are you looking for a job that does not require any specific degree and qualifications? Do you want the job to feature bright career opportunities? Well, if this is the case, then why not consider becoming a security guard. To speak frankly, the job of the security guard offers a lot of career opportunities and scores of students are eager to know how to be a security guard.

Whether it is corporate offices, shopping malls, complexes, public parks or residential houses, security guards are required everywhere. Another definite feature of working as a security guard, which is worth mentioning is that it does not require too much physical labour provided you are not working at a defense agency or a nuclear site.

In order to know how to be a security guard, you must know about the education and training prerequisites for the job. You will be pleased to know that fortunately the work of a security guard does not require you to undergo any meticulous or rigorous training. According to the regulation in United Kingdom, it is necessary that individuals working in the private security industry undertake a structured training program, which leads to a proper recognized qualification.

Like other countries, the United Kingdom also places a lot of emphasis on certification and licencing. You must hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) endorsed licence if you’re guarding job involves close protection, cash or valuables in transit, door supervision, removal, restriction or immobilization of vehicles, security guard, public space surveillance and key holding.

There are certain specifications laid down by the Security Industry Authority in regard to learning and qualification, which forms the basis of compulsory licensing. These specifications basically relate to what an individual must know or must learn in regard to their role as a security guard.

Before you can apply for an SIA licence, you must undergo the relevant modules in the sector you wish to work. There are basically four modules laid down by SIA. These are the common module, specialist module, conflict management and physical intervention skills. Needless to say, you must take the common module regardless of the sector you choose to work in as it covers the basic learning program which includes awareness of the law in the industry, health and safety, fire safety awareness, private security, emergency procedure and basic communication skills and customer care. The second module which is the specialist module is different for each sector and must be taken in respect to the sector you choose to work in. The third module which is conflict management includes various programs such as defusing conflict, reducing personal risk and avoiding conflict, resolving conflict and learning from it, and application of communication skills. The conflict management module must be undertaken by you only if your work includes security, door supervision, close protection and vehicle immobilizer. The last module which related to physical intervention is only to be taken if your security guard job involves door supervision. This module includes programs such as an introduction to physical skills, disengagement techniques and various escorting techniques.

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