Improve Your Sales Skills

Every single sales encounter will be different to one degree or another based on the following facts.

Different product, customer, and sales technique combinations.

There is no single blue print that will work on every combination. Period. Anyone who tells you that they have a “one cap fits all” sales technique is not leaving room to evolve with the market and its trends. Eventually that technique will start to wane and eventually become weak compared to newer, more evolved techniques.

As a sales person you should always be seeking to improve your sales skills. Areas of focus should include, but not limited to,

  • Product knowledge.
  • Customer knowledge.
  • Greeting techniques.
  • Presentation style.
  • Closing techniques.

Product knowledge.

Be on top of your “game”. Know as many features and benefits of your products as is possible. Know how to combine them in your presentation to create customer desire. Be aware of upcoming releases and upgrades as soon as they are announced.

Customer knowledge.

Be aware of your product and businesses target consumer. Research how you can target this consumer by using your client portfolio. Learn what your customers do and do not like about your product from online forums and product reviews.

Greeting techniques.

One of your most important sales skills is your greeting. Learn how to greet a customer and get past the pre programmed “just looking” response. Learn how to read your customers demeanor and judge who is a “looker” and who is a potential “buyer”.

Presentation style.

Experiment with which features and benefits produce the most interest from customers. Tailor your style to each customer. Some people like an informal presentation, others like a formal conversation. Learn both. Be sure to get your customer involved with the product. Let them handle it and experience the features and benefits.

Closing techniques.

Learn when to attempt the close. Timing is key. Experiment with both “hard” and “soft” closes. Accept that your first refusal, is just that, your FIRST not your last.

If you take the time to develop your sales skills you will be sowing seeds that will result in sales. But your skills must evolve with the market in order to compete. In sales it really is, survival of the fittest.

To read more in depth details on developing your techniques be sure to read my page on sales skills.