Using Press Releases to Obtain Sales From Offline Sources

The most common way for internet marketers to drive traffic to their web site is to advertise to individuals or businesses that are already on the Internet. While this definitely works, if these customers are your only focus, you run the risk of missing out on a ton of potential business. There are lots of companies and people who aren’t yet on the Internet but can still benefit from your product or services. While millions of people certainly use the internet and are quite familiar with it, they may not understand how to find your particular product or service online. You need to get their product in front of their eyeballs. Your goal as a marketer is to get people to see your product or your service so you can make the sale and subsequently, more money. In order to do this, it may require that you start targeting individuals that off-line.

One way to accomplish this is to use press releases. You can either craft your own or have someone write it for you and then submit it to local newspapers, newsletters owners as well as local and regional publications or magazines. If you have something interesting to say that might benefit one of these publication’s readers, they may contact you and interview you about your release and most importantly, your business.

Writing and submitting press releases to the right places generally requires a certain level of knowledge. However, you can find lots of good information about writing press releases and contacting editors by simply doing some research online. There is plenty of free information out there. You just need to look for it.

You should also purchase the publications that you’re interested in submitting your release to. The contact information of the correct editor to send your release to should be listed somewhere in the publication. You may also want to give the office a call and find out the best person to send your release to.

Writing and submitting a press release online is another option. If a news source finds your press release and they deem it interesting they may want to talk to you. Even though your press release is being submitted online, you still may be able to get our release in front of off-line readers or viewers.

Press releases can be a very powerful way to reach people who are off-line. They are fantastic mediums for teaching the public about your company, product or service. When things are covered in the newspaper or on the news, they tend to seem more credible, which may translate into more sales and inquires.

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