Service Innovation Models: A Key to Human Progress

In a globalized world, good innovative ideas and solutions to the world’s largest problems are more important than ever. The world population is increasing and workers around the world now have to compete with workers from other countries who will work for much less. This is one problem that many do not have an answer for. Questions arise as to how to fix high unemployment rates around the world. What can foster high paying jobs for people around the world? Chronic unemployment and lower wage jobs is a problem facing many countries around the world which not only leads to chronic poverty and hopelessness, but can lead to instability and social unrest. A business model is necessary to address this problem of perpetual unemployment and finding a way to invest in new technologies that will give jobs to people for wages that workers are able to support themselves with. This is a primary issue around the world and good innovative ideas are necessary in addressing a situation that is unsustainable in the long-run.

A good way to tailor such problems is through service innovation models, a way of providing a focused business model that will address concerns around the world. In a digital, post modern age, there is less emphasis on manufacturing and the production of products with a stronger focus on problem solving and providing a service. Businesses and entrepreneurs can use service innovation models for not only providing a good pitch to potential investing partners or corporations, but a way of becoming a real visionary and possibly solving some of the world’s toughest issues.

There are problems in the world everyday that businessmen, philosophers and intellectuals think about everyday and to tailor this drive to solve solutions comes the need for a compact, focused and direct business model that is easily understood by governments, businesses and investors. Service innovation models works in so many ways that poses solutions to issues in a changing age. When times change, people become increasingly fearful of the new world around them. This is why a business model is needed in addressing not only economic turmoil. Strategies in building infrastructure for developing countries and how to support the rising the middle class in both China and India at a time when manufacturing jobs are shrinking around the world as people consume more meat and oil because of their new status in the world. These along with many other issues need to be solved and much of the world’s major problems can be addressed with a focused plan that can foster government and corporate investment in science, education and infrastructure.

People always hear of major world problems, but there is no solution in addressing the problem. Hearing of problems that seem impossible to remedy can be frustrating and depressing. Many people resort to tuning out these issues after hearing problem after problem with no solutions. What is needed is a solid combination of creativity and innovation which is tailored into a viable business model that will appeal to leaders and entrepreneurs who are capable of solving some of the world’s major problems.

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