Innovative Corporate Culture in Post Modern Age

The structure of innovative corporate culture should be rooted in new methods that are suited in a post- modern world. Generation Y and Millennials are the new workforce of the twenty-first century and for employers to recruit the best and brightest, there are some things that need to change in corporate culture. The definition of culture is an idea, perception and values that a certain society or group shares. Corporate culture is a culture that not everyone shares; not everyone wants to sit in a cubicle all day and wear the same clothing as everyone else does. For the most part, younger generations do not want the same job as their parents had; therefore, perhaps innovative corporate culture also means eliminating the idea of corporate culture itself. Many new companies have a “come as you are” policy when it comes to work. Workers can be in a fun, relaxing and creative environment while still being productive. No one should have to conform into a certain culture in order to handle the job.

The first thing that needs to change is the attitude towards tattoos and piercings. Both young and older people have visible tattoos and piercings and judging people by the way they look is not a way to recruit people just because they have ink on their forearms or jewelry in unconventional places. How a person looks should not be a factor in hiring people. More companies are becoming tolerant when it comes to tattoos and piercings, but more companies should lighten their dress code and appearance policies in order to attract more talent. When it comes to the talent pool and recruiting, employers should focus more on talent, innovation and creativity rather than recruiting people who “look the part” when it comes to fitting within a company.

Just because a person is clean shaven and looks good in a suit does not mean they will get the job done. All people should be considered whether they have tattoos, long facial hair or piercings. Employers and companies should utilize innovative hr ideas to expand the hiring pool. This means a more relaxed atmosphere where dress code and formality should be less important while being productive and following instructions should be utmost priority.

The so called corporate culture, where everyone has to look and dress the same, should be a thing of the past. Real, innovative corporate culture is allowing a person to be his or herself which makes it easier for them to contribute creative and fresh ideas to any project or business. Part of innovative hr ideas should include hiring artists and writers as well because they will give a unique and creative vision to any project. Part of revamping the corporate structure is hiring and/or contracting people who may not necessarily fit in the traditional, corporate world. With a rigid corporate structure, bland conformity and no room for creativity, workers are less likely to be enthused about their jobs which can cause inefficiency, dissatisfaction and eventual quitting of the job itself.

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