The formula for success for any business is to have your customers be loyal to you with repeat business. There are a number of factors involved for getting repeat customers: pricing, quality of products and services and most of all excellent customer service. One of the best ways is to reward your customers for their repeat business. There are many effective ways to help generate customer loyalty.

Coupons and discounts are based on the number of purchases made by any customer. Giving away coupons or discounting products to any customer that makes ten or more purchases is a great way to help ensure future business and referrals. To make this even more effective you could require that all purchases must be made by a certain time to qualify.

Rewarding customers for their business with future discounts on their future purchases and once a customer spends a certain amount the customer receives a reward. The kind of rewards should always depend on what your business can afford. Cheaper rewards could be gift certificates, coupons, clothes, or movie passes. Expensive rewards could be jewelry, vacations, bed and breakfast gift certificates, electronics or computer equipment.

Regardless of what you do to promote your business it is imperative to have great customer service and appreciation. First impressions are everlasting and can go a long ways. Showing the customer you care and are there for the long haul will be rewarding for your business,your customers and future customers. Having a business for years and years is a testimony to good products and customer loyalty and a success story for many generations.

I hope and pray this will help those that are thinking about getting started with their own business and creating their own success story.

To Success!

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