What to Watch Out for When Travelling

Finding Suitable Accommodation for Corporate Travellers

When finding accommodation for corporate travellers it is important to know what it is that you want. An experienced agent will save you time which is money because they spend time on viewing properties, building relationships with the owners or managers of establishments and negotiating prices on your behalf.

Prices get negotiated within the industry so that there is a win-win situation for all three parties, the company, agent and the accommodation establishment. The main aspects of this business transaction are so that you can continue in your professional capacity whilst you know and trust;

· That the accommodation or venue options will be the best value for money,

· Cater to your requirements,

· Exceed your expectations.

· The other side is that you will have confidence that whenever you or anyone in your company travels or have an event that everything will be done to the satisfaction of the company.

Be careful for the agents who are inexperienced and have not negotiated prices, have not viewed the properties because if your event does not meet your standards you could lose business as your clients attending the event were not satisfied with the service they received. Also if the boss or colleague arrives at a destination where his/her requirements are not being met they will lose trust in you and it could jeopardize your employment and the company’s reputation.

When one is travelling they are more suitable for certain kinds of accommodation and facilities provided. For example if they do not get a good night’s sleep or not have suitable services such as a quiet night’s rest then they will not have a productive day of business.

Example: If the accommodation establishment does not have wireless internet in the breakfast room and the customer has always worked on his laptop during breakfast before his / her meeting then they will not be prepared and relaxed for the meeting.

Always ask for references as the agent will give you companies that they have accommodated and the company can be contacted to verify services received.

All of the requirements of the guest’s need to be taken into consideration and experience of the agent is vitally important as this will determine whether or not they will be comfortable and the most productive whilst away from home on business. Many people are not aware of the criteria they have on a daily basis until they go away on business.

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