A Checklist for Packing Your Luggage for a Business Trip

It never fails that when my adult son travels with me he forgets something. Because of this I always pack an extra tube of toothpaste just knowing that he will show up at my hotel door to see if he could borrow some of mine.

Airlines are becoming more restrictive about the weight and number of bags that you can bring with you so it is important not to over-pack. At the same time, however, you really want to make sure that you have the basics so you won’t have to waste time shopping for necessary items.

Perhaps you might find it easier to print a list of the things you usually take with you when you do your business travel rather than try to remember everything before each trip. You can store the list in your suitcase so you have it ready when you begin the packing. Following is an example of what your list might look like:

1. Toothpaste, brush and floss

2. Deodorant and scent

3. Makeup/Shaving toiletries

4. Brush or comb and hair products

5. Medications

6. Plastic bag (for dirty laundry)

7. Socks and underwear (one set for each day of the trip)

8. Miniature sewing kit

9. Swimming suit, coverup, pool shoes, hat, suntan lotion and sunglasses (optional)

10. Coordinated clothing that you can mix and match (both business and casual)

11. Sleepwear/Light Housecoat

12. Chords for cellphone and laptop

13. Extra business cards/brochures

14. Reading material/book

15. Seasonal coat or wrap

16. Shoes inserted into plastic bags (to protect the clothing from dirt)

17. Carry on bag with flight, hotel and workshop/meeting information, writing paper, highlighters, post-it notes, phone and laptop

18 Passport and airline tickets

You can add or customize the list for your own needs and revise it as necessary.

When you pack the bag it is best to roll each clothing item rather than fold them as you will not have as many wrinkles that way. Put the more fragile items in between layers of clothing so they will be cushioned.

Don’t fill the suitcase. You need to pack so that you have room to add any items you might purchase or workshop binders for the trip home.

Even if you have the perfect list you might accidentally forget something. Don’t worry. Reception desks in hotels usually keep a supply or items that they will give you without charge. Always check with them before heading to the store.

And don’t forget to check in at the hotel’s gift shop where you will be able to purchase a wide variety of items without having to go too far.

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