Entrepreneurs, Brand “Me” – 3 Strategies to Market Yourself As a Business Owner

In today’s tough economy it is increasingly important to not only successfully market your business, but also to market yourself. As an Entrepreneur, you are your business and a symbol of everything your business represents. Creating brand “me” will be a representation of who you are as an entrepreneur and what skills, talents, and professional objectives you possess. Market yourself wisely and lead your business to success.

The first step to creating a marketable image is to identify what makes you stand out as a business professional. Are you an eloquent speaker, an influential networker, or a talented designer? These are all talents that characterize who you are and what strengths you bring to your business. Once you pin point your “key success points” as an entrepreneur use them to promote you and your business. Update your resume to ensure these points stand out and really emphasize the talents you bring to the table. Take a look at the back of your business card. Is it blank, empty, void of written material or images? Use this prime real estate to promote these unique characteristics that help create brand “me”.

Secondly, always portray a professional appearance that is characteristic to you and your business. If you are a baker you probably will not spend waking hours in a pressed business suit, but a clean crisp uniform may fit the profile. As much as we like to think differently, first impressions really do create an impact. They often are your first opportunity to place a mental image with brand “me”. Use this opportunity to your advantage. Find the best color, style and fit for your body type. Remember that today’s latest fad may not look great on everyone, but an updated look is of most importance. You are a representative of your business, because you are the most powerful image that your business possesses.

Thirdly, take advantage of any networking opportunities that are available to you and your business. Networking is often an inexpensive method to build working relationships with members of the business community. It is an essential skill in today’s competitive marketplace and a great opportunity to showcase brand “me”. Use events such as these to showcase your new business card, your professional appearance and really make yourself stand out. With every attendee leaving with a pocket full of business cards it is important to create a positive impression to really make yourself memorable.

In today’s market, a successful brand creates a successful business. As an entrepreneur you are the best image of your business, therefore brand “me” is of the utmost importance. Take these simple steps to improve your marketable image and watch as your business contacts, traffic, and feedback begin to flow. Brand yourself!