9 Secrets: How to Avoid Falling Into the Trap of Dead Brand Walking

There’s nothing worse than having an oxygen-deprived business. I call that a Dead Brand Walking. So in the interests of helping business owners out there — and give them a ‘leg up’ in this economy — here are my nine secrets for creating a fully energized brand with a strong and vital pumping pulse:

NOTE TO THE EDITORS: In the interests of getting these secrets out to the world, I am going to abbreviate the word ‘brand’ to BRND. Due to the nature of this article, I am, without a doubt, over-using the word so will use the abbreviation, instead.

1º Adopt a Maverick Mindset

• How keen are you when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone Y/N?

• Are you willing to adopt a more agile and nimble mindset Y/N?

• Is the world around you noticing that twinkle in your eye Y/N?

2º Build a Brand Unusual

• Are you clear about the tone of your BRND Y/N?

• Are you intent on looking for those invisible clues in your BRND Y/N?

• Are you really who you say you are Y/N?

3º Your BRND is a Living, Dynamic Organism

• Is your BRND’s pulse showing strong, vital signs Y/N?

• Are you regularly minding your BRND’s behavior Y/N?

• Are you wearing the hat of Chief Excitement Officer Y/N?

4º Your BRND is Your Platform for Changing the World

• How willing are you to really show up in your BRND Y/N?

• Would you give yourself a high score when it comes to inspiring your world Y/N?

5º Mind the Emotional IQ of your BRND

• Would you say your BRND lands a high score when it comes to empathy Y/N?

• Are you aware your customers have feelings about you and your BRND Y/N?

• Do you think you might be keeping your customers at arm’s length Y/N?

6º Power of Authenticity

• Are you spending much effort on creating a consistent and congruent BRND Y/N?

• Would your customers give you a high score as an authentic BRND builder Y/N?

• Know the feeling when your biz BRND is out of alignment Y/N?

7º The Art of BRND Storytelling

• Reckon your BRND story lands a clear spot in your audience’s psyche Y/N?

• Are you willing to be more transparent when telling your story Y/N?

• Are you aware of the actual pull & power of your BRND’s story Y/N?

8º Design Matters | Visuals Sink in (Always)

• Does your own visual BRND culture actually resonate with you Y/N?

• Would you say your BRND has a visual impact on your audience Y/N?

9º The Money’s in the BRND

• Does your BRND have heart Y/N?

• Are you paying attention to what your customer really needs the most Y/N?

• Are you willing to let your BRND go to work for you Y/N?

PS If your remember your BRND Is a living, breathing organism, you’ll be spending more time nurturing it!

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