Why Advertise on Toilet Paper – Oh, Only Because it Works!

Okay so, there you were stuck in the bathroom stall of a restaurant and doing your duty, and all of a sudden you look down and what do you see – Advertising! You have to be kidding me’ you think, but then you notice an ad for something you actually want, it’s a coupon – perhaps for a Deluxe Car Wash down the street from your house, not more than a mile away.

“Buy a Regular $4.99 Car Wash and Get the Deluxe Treatment for Free” – “A $19.99 value” it says.

All of a sudden there you are, ripping off that square and stuffing it in your wallet, but wait, there’s another add – “get your nails done” and you laugh because you don’t need that, nor the next two, so you use those to complete your physiological needs, and then you notice another one you can use, so you take that also, and then you are done, you go and wash your hands and leave. Guess what?

Advertising on the back of toilet paper works! It just worked for you, and interestingly enough, the business you are at, didn’t have to pay for those toiletries – Everyone is a Winner! Not long ago, I received an interesting correspondence, which read; “I run a successful business in the niche advertising sector of printing advertisements on toilet paper. I read a past article of yours “Advertising on the Back of Toilet Paper is Profitable” and would love to discuss the idea and the numbers you cite in your article more.”

Anyway, turns out the gentleman is one of the founders of a company that is making all this happen for small business owners around the United States and beginning to ship internationally and they are Expanding, using this brilliant consumer advertising business model. And, it looks as if the Big Boys, with the big corporations, which have big bucks to spend are starting to take notice too, why you ask? It’s simple and I’ll say it again, advertising on toilet paper works.

Now then, it turns out that my first article many years ago on this topic quoted a reference from Advertising Age, and how various types of niche advertising were beating the results of Yellow Pages dollar-for-dollar, almost 10:1 but is that because it was a new thing back then? No, it’s been growing every year since, and it’s hardly saturated at all, lots of potential still.

Some business owner might just laugh if you mention it to them, and that’s fine because once such advertising starts making money, no one is laughing, unless they are on the way to the bank with a smile. See that point? When it comes to advertising you must do what works, so please consider all this.