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Individual or partnership-based company structures inorganizations having annual sales in excess of the ceiling on revenues permissible under the streamlined regime, which is €400,000 for services and €700,000 for all other kinds of businesses. This sum must be created as a consequence of the accrual principle, which requires transactions to be documented in the year in which the effects occur, regardless of whether or not the financial manifestation occurred at that time. With ปิดงบการเงิน this goes the right way.

The Right Establishments

Business establishments that make the decision freely to switch from simplified accounting to the traditional accounting system – enterprises that, although meeting all of the criteria for using simplified accounting, elect to switch to the traditional accounting system for a number of reasons. Indeed, legal options allow the right to choose the accounting regime from the start of an enterprise’s activities only upon presentation of all appropriate paperwork to members and notice of the financial administration.

According to civil and fiscal regulations, what are the mandatory documents that a business functioning under the customary system is required to submit in order to be in compliance?

  • The inventory book is the place where the changes in the equity consistency of the business at the conclusion of each financial year are documented.
  • All management operations involving counterparties outside the company must be documented in the diary on a daily basis.
  • Additional (auxiliary) writings are used to record changes in revenue (ledger) and inventory (inventory).
  • As an alternative to the yearly inventory entries, there are auxiliary inventory entries that combine the annual ones, in addition to inventory accounting (which is only applicable to particular types of businesses).
  • The asset book is a location where you may keep track of all of the depreciable assets owned by the firm, from the time of purchase to the time of disposal of the assets.
  • It is in charge of the registers, and she is in charge of keeping track of purchases, sales, and payments.

These records are required for all entities that are established as corporations as a result of the incorporation process, including shareholder’s meeting minutes, shareholder’s registers, board of directors’ meeting minutes, statutory auditors’ registers, and other similar books.

When a corporation is established as a corporation, these records are required for all entities that are established as a corporation as a result of the incorporation process. In addition to this, if the company has hired employees, the Single Labor Book (LUL) must be maintained on file.

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