Outsourcing Is the Best Solution for Small Business Bookkeeping

It was a belief that only big businesses outsource their small business bookkeeping work. Gradually big accounting firms began outsourcing overseas, their bookkeeping business while sustaining US presence. Suddenly there were number of small business bookkeeping software programs as well as services for smaller businesses to use.

There are a few small business bookkeeping services which provide their quality services with reasonable rates (up to 40-60% reduced rates) to meet your requirements of bookkeeping business. Working online, if required they can even logon to your computer to work on your small business bookkeeping work. To give you most accurate results these companies use both – computers as well as human intelligence to verify the records of small business accounting work.

There are no second thoughts about Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services being the best in the industry. It provides weekly envelops for pick-up of the copies of all the receipts of the clients. Then the envelope is coded and pre-paid for the customer to just slip it into the USPS to its processing center. Here the company maintaining privacy scans the receipts, actually reads them and validates the records; later the team working on bookkeeping supervises the processes to get the paperwork on the computer using QuickBooks.

Most companies consider Hi-Tech Bookkeeping Services for their small business bookkeeping because of its reasonable price. Its pricing structure as well as standard pricing of bookkeeping services is dependent on the work quality concerned. Each quote is minutely analyzed and considered, and then a measurement is made depending on the amount of work for processing as well as the difficulty involved in it. Later, the price is fixed, considering the turn around time specified by the client.

The company’s pricing structure is as under:

Hourly Rate: For projects with time priority, smaller or having exclusive requirements.

Monthly Rate: For VIP clients who have established or want to establish long-term relationship.

Project Rate: For middle to large volume data projects, estimating the length of the process and offering discount on hourly rate.

Transaction Rate: For particular services in case of high volume transaction entry.

The price here is cut down to half of what is found in developed countries. This shows that outsourcing bookkeeping business gives you more time on your other business issues. With such professional bookkeeping services, one is free of managing and checking the quality of the work. The system is so well organized that it even saves a lot on your year end taxes.